IBD Academy 2021! 🚀🔥

Over the last few months, our passionate team has been working intensively to bring as many new products as possible this year, which will positively inspire you to the often difficult life with the disease!

And what will we gradually publish and develop on our profile?

– we will post a large dose of knowledge about IBD in an accessible form,
– we will publish the most common diets in IBD and recipes to try in your own kitchen,
– we will share with you the stories of people who prove that the disease does not have to destroy life plans,
– and we will publish the latest information on drugs used in the treatment of IBD.

And the most important…

We invite you to follow all entries on our website: www.zapalonaakademia.pl, which we will also supplement with new content.

Looking for support?

Do you have problems with your bowels?
Are you looking for support? Do you want to know how to enjoy your life despite of a PEG, feeding tube, central venous catheter and many hours of infusion administration?
Do you have an inflammatory bowel disease and a need for some positive energy and knowledge from other IBD patients?
Do you live in a country without any support groups for people with digestive system insufficiency?
Join us! Together we will try help you!

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