April-A meeting in the MoH

This has not been played in any government administration office yet! 😀

After a lot of effort we have put into it, we finally managed to march into the Ministry of Health – PUMPED and with our BACKPACKS full of solutions! 🙂

During a nearly 2-hour long meeting of the Appetite representatives: Sebastian Bizon and Marek Lichota with Vice President – Kamila Malinowska and Dominika Sobieniecka of the Department of Medicines Management Policy and Pharmacy we have presented our proposal regarding the improvement of the standard of living of Patients undergoing dietary treatments and their care. We have mainly discussed the reimbursement of mobile pumps and the access to the newest therapies in digestive insufficiency treatments. To our great joy, the Representatives of the Ministry were impressed by our appetising activities and understanding of our postulates. We have received a declaration of support for solving a part of our problems and a further analysis of possible adjustments to the regulations on clinical nutrition. The most important part is that the dialogue is going to continue – we already have the next meeting scheduled to take place in three months – which augurs well 😉 Lastly, thanks to the MoH’s hospitality, we performed the procedure of disconnecting our nutrition bags in a spacious conference hall 😉 We wish you all an appetising weekend !

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