Equipment and Medication

The Association “Appetite for Life” is particularly committed to caring for patients with bowel diseases and the quality of their lives.
Everyday work of the Association and the support received from the benefactors help patients access medication and tools used in innovative therapies.
Bowel diseases are usually chronic and often result in various complications that put patients at risk of social exclusion.
For that reason, we need not only the immediate help but also long-term support which would allow patients to recover.

Thanks to support of our Donators we could support:

cards for the purchase of medicines and medical products of value
60 000
infusion pumps
180 000
IV lines/sets in amount of
100 000

Why are pumps, additional equipment and medications so important?

However, what we observe is that patients’ needs are constantly increasing and unfortunately, they often exceed our financial capacity and resources.

The solution we have come up with is a subaccount system within our website. Every patient can create a subaccount and gather money for their treatment.

Every benefactor may donate to a specified patient and the money will be used solely to purchase an infusion pump and IV lines for that person.

We want to thank all the companies and private individuals for their support in this area as we continue to call for help for the rest of the patients.

“A recipe for appetizing help” was an additional form of support for our patients. The project involved providing over 100 patients with pharmacy gift cards for medication and medical equipment with a total value of 60 000PLN.

Looking for support?

Do you have problems with your bowels?
Are you looking for support? Do you want to know how to enjoy your life despite of a PEG, feeding tube, central venous catheter and many hours of infusion administration?
Do you have an inflammatory bowel disease and a need for some positive energy and knowledge from other IBD patients?
Do you live in a country without any support groups for people with digestive system insufficiency?
Join us! Together we will try help you!

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