Anna Chachaj

When I first heard from my doctor about the parenteral feeding, he told me that I would have to stay in bed 20 hours a day just to have the nutrition administered. Fortunately, he was no parenteral nutrition expert. 😉 But he scared me away from making the decision for over half a year. It turns out that I do receive the infusions every day but It takes 16 hours, not 20. Moreover, thanks to Appetite I got a portable pump that allowed me to return to work just days after I was released from the hospital. Now I feel the best I have in 5 years, ever since I have been diagnosed with chronic pseudo- obstruction of the bowels caused by neurological paraneoplastic syndrome. During that time, I have undergone 7 surgeries, I have fought against adhesions, I had a segment of my small intestine removed and despite the attempts to force some food into myself, I ended up seriously malnourished. Now I eat normally most of the time but when my organism refuses to cooperate, I can stop eating without worrying that I could bring some harm to myself – all thanks to the intravenous infusions.

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