Daria Bucka

Daria was born prematurely by caesarean section because of a large ovarian cyst that couldn’t be removed. At first, she wasn’t able to breathe on her own but her condition seemed to be improving. Unfortunately, after some time feaces started appearing in her blood for unknown reasons. One day we were told that Daria had to be moved from our hospital’s neonatology unit to University Children’s Hospital of Cracow. When we arrived, she was pale and her stomach was unnaturally bloated. That’s when we first understood that her condition was very serious. She immediately underwent a surgery. The underlying cause turned out to be ovarian torsion. But her condition didn’t improve, her stomach was still bloated and the inflammatory markers continued to raise. There were further surgeries and complications – peritonitis, bowel perforations, adhesions… She had bowel resections and a stoma surgery. Then there was an attempt at restoring her bowel continuity but it ended with even more complications. Her state was critical for some time but luckily she was able to recover. That’s when we turned to the Association “Appetite for Life”. They lent us a mobile infusion pump and it’s made our life so much easier. Now Daria has to have parenteral nutrition administered for 8-10 hours a day. We are aware that tomorrow this number might easily become 24 hours though. That’s why we try to use our time to the fullest. Daria has many friends – both ill and healthy – and she’s starting preschool this September. OUR DREAMS BECAME REALITY.

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