Piotruś Krajewski

Piotruś is the third and youngest of my sons. We were overjoyed when he was born. We went home and in the beginning everything was okay. Then, during the fifth day of his life, we went to a hospital because he was vomiting. We went through many medical tests but there was still no diagnosis. After another two days, his condition turned serious and we were moved to the surgical unit of the University Children’s Hospital of Cracow and after that, to the intensive care unit where he underwent two surgeries of small intestine removal – the underlying cause turned out to be intestinal malrotation. He also went through sepsis and peritonitis.

Fortunately, his condition improved and we were moved to the clinical nutrition unit and met many wonderful people. As a single mother of three children, I encounter many difficulties with caring for Piotruś but now he has a loving family and home. Even so, every day can be a struggle with HPN. There is a constant risk of infection or damaging the catheter and any mistakes can cost his life. These days, I’m just thankful to everyone who helped us, the Appetite and God for his protection and blessings.

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