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Ah, what a day it was! And it was only the beginning 😉 Do you remember the project “Grasz o staż z POMPĄ” (“PUMPED for an internship”) we were realizing in 2015? With great pride we would like to inform you that our appetising project “Zapaleni do pracy w III sektorze” (“Flaming enthusiasm for work in the 3rd sector”) has been noticed and even awarded in the 4th edition of the contest.

The honourable chapter has granted “Appetite for Life” a cheque for 30 000 PLN that we will use to realize the project! We will announce the details soon but we can already say that as a part of the project we will educate, inspire and even work in non-governmental organisations! Now, though, is the time for celebration as the gala has become very appetising! We want to thank the organisers: Fundacja Urszuli Jaworskiej (Urszula Jaworska Foundation), Instytut Praw Pacjenta i Edukacji Zdrowotnej (Institute of Patients’ Rights and Health Education), PARS – Polskie Amazonki – Ruch Społeczny (PARS – Polish Amazons – A Social Movement) and Abbvie Inc. who constantly help raise the quality of patients’ life and encourage professional activation of the patients through the organisation of the contest.

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Do you have problems with your bowels?
Are you looking for support? Do you want to know how to enjoy your life despite of a PEG, feeding tube, central venous catheter and many hours of infusion administration?
Do you have an inflammatory bowel disease and a need for some positive energy and knowledge from other IBD patients?
Do you live in a country without any support groups for people with digestive system insufficiency?
Join us! Together we will try help you!

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